Monday, May 16, 2011

Picante Chicken

Hi! I am creating this blog to chronicle my goal to prepare fresh food for me and my new husband more frequently. I LOVE to cook, but life gets busy and before I know it, the week is over and hubby has been living on his staples of chicken fingers and french fries and me on veggie burgers. I have made a goal to cook 3 times a week for the two of us from now on. Alex is a BIT of a picky eater, and I'm a Weight Watcher for life, trying to lose the 10-15ish pounds I found since we started dating. It will be a challenge to create healthy and tasty foods that he will enjoy.

Tonight I will be trying this recipe for Picante Chicken, served with steamed rice and a corn & black bean salad. I'll check up with reviews and possibly pictures, though that may be a bit too technologically advanced for me. :-/.

ETA: The verdict is in: he likes the taste, but not the texture of the sauce. I liked it well enough, but am not devastated that it isn't an instant classic. Will we make this again? Probably not. Would I recommend it to a friend? It's worth a shot.

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