Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pizza Party Time!

Last night I was home with no real plans and no dinner plans either. We are having a bbq with all our friends tonight, so I didn't really want to do anything crazy for dinner. I looked in the pantry and fridge and realized I have stuff for pizza, so a pizza party it was!

When I first started making my own pizza dough, I naturally turned to the queen of Italian cuisine, Betty Crocker. I keep on using this because it's so easy, there's hardly any wait-for-it-to-rise time, and, most importantly, it has been given the Alex seal of approval.

Sometimes I make my own sauce, but my sister gave me some canned pizza sauce after they went through a recent pantry purge, and easy sounds just right for a Friday night.
And here it is with the rest of the toppings (pay no attention to the clutter, the kitchen is party central for tomorrow's festivities)...
I rolled out the dough onto my trusty pizza stone...added sauce (oops, maybe too much)...cheese, then turkey pepperoni.

Baked at 425* for like a million years...that what my stomach tells my brain, anyway. I'M HONGRY!
And 20 minutes later we have this...

Which I turn into this...
and then I eat it and we shan't discuss what it turns into after that.

After dinner I took Noodles on a long walk, then Alex and I watched Due Date, which was pretty funny.  I'd recommend pizza, long walks with dogs you love, AND Due Date, which means last night was pretty much a win.

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