Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, here we are into week 2 of this little experiment and I guess I haven't given up yet, so that's something.

When I first decided to try this cooking at least 3X week thing, I perused several recipes and found this glazed pork loin. It looks yummy and simple enough. I love pork tenderloin because it's so easy and lean and a nice departure from boring old chicken breast.

Armed with my shopping list, Alex and I went to Sam's Club to purchase ingredients. They happened to have a sample of Hormel's peppercorn pork tenderloin, and Alex said he really liked it. I went through the options in my head and realized I could prepare something I KNOW he likes, but that will be boring and not so exciting for me OR I can buy the plain tenderloin and season it myself, try something new and risk the chance he hates it. I bought the pre-marinated loin.

And if I'm being honest, I'm sorta pissy about it. This is part of why I stopped cooking much for the two of us. He doesn't have an adventurous palate. There are so many 'don't even go there' foods, that I'm restricted. And even when he DOES like a food, he's not really over the moon about it. I don't get the validation that I desire from him. I'm a pretty dang good cook, or I can be, but I doubt he realizes or cares.

BUT, I'm not giving up yet. I roasted that pork loin and I reheated the leftover scalloped potatoes. When I initially planned the meal, we were going to have mashed potatoes. But that was before I knew I was going to have so many leftovers. I know scalloped potatoes aren't Alex's favorite dish, but I don't like to waste food, so we had scalloped potatoes along with the world's best green beans.

So, I prepared all the food and I sliced into the roast. I called Alex into the kitchen, and immediately he asked me "are thsoe cheesey potatoes?" while giving me a suspicious look. YES. THAT IS WHAT WE ARE EATING! My god, I was irritated and hurt. I guess I probably knew that was gonig to be his response, but it's not the response I deserved or craved. It's proably always going ot be this way and I'm never going to be validated in my cooking from my husband. So, maybe I just need to adjust my expectations. I will continue to keep trying new HEALTHY recipes and we'll see what sticks.

For the record, I prefer less flavor in my pork. The pre-marinated stuff is overkill to me. I don't really reccommend it. We purchased a package of 2, so we'll have it once more and then I'll be seasoning my own pork from then on. Scalloped potatoes are obviously a sometimes food, because he doesn't like them and because they're really too indulgent. Green beans for the win.

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  1. I can't fathom not like cheese + potatoes.