Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Hai!

Remember that time I was going to preapre three meals a week for me and my new hubby and blog all about it? Hahahaha! Ah Hahahaha! I guess we could call the past few weeks a blog FAIL, but I'll just call it a hiccup. I'm assuming everybody out there reading this (because there are SO many of you) are alive...and all alive people know that LIFE happens. So, you're forgiving me as you read this. You're smiling because you're happy to see that I am giving it another go, and adding a few minutes of procrastination to your day. I'm happy. You're happy. Life happened, let's move on.

I haven't been cooking a lot because Hubby and I have been pretty occupied. We had the awesome opportunity to witness a real-life Vegas wedding with our good friends Kim & to come.
We also treated that vacation as our honeymoon. We slept in an awesome King-sized bed and relaxed in the jacuzi tub pretty much every night. It made Alex realize that maybe it wouldn't be a terrible idea to someday consider thinking about buying a bigger house, you know, so we could have a jacuzi tub in our bathroom without putting the toilet in an outhouse. A bigger house y'all! BUT, after discussion we did realize now probably isn't the right time.

In addition to the Vegas Vacation, I also completed a 10k race at Hospital Hill and the Topeka Tinman Sprint Course Triathlon. Yes, I'm a triathlete...and I didn't even finish last in my division. I'll post more on that event later. I have a lot of pictures and thoughts to share. I think it deserves it's own post.

I think I've cooked an actual homemade meal 3 times in the past 3 weeks, though, and they weren't really worth blogging about...or re-blogging, as it turns out. We had spaghetti and pork loin again. But I'm not some celebrity who doesn't repeat her outfits, so I can't be expected not to repeat meals...especially meals that make my babes happy.

So, the update on me is that there will be updates on me to come. Stay tuned!

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