Monday, July 4, 2011

A little bit of everything!

Holidays generally mean tons of cooking for me. I love any excuse to try a new recipe, or something more indulgent than I'd make for just us.
We hosted the annual Bergquist Punch of July soiree last night. I made pulled pork, potato salad, black bean salad and big ass chocolate chip cookies. I was so busy baking and cleaning, then drinking and watching friends blow shit up, that I didn't get a picture of everything. Doops.


...which looks pretty gross, but was quite tasty!

And then, because I'm an awesome wife, instead of sitting on my tukkus all afternoon, recovering from last night's mayhem, I made breakfast calzones, a special request from Alex. 
I used my standby pizza crust recipe and just winged it from there. Inside these delightful pockets you'll find bacon, sausage, onion, peppers, egg and cheese. I'm kind of a big deal y'all.  

I have more to talk about...lots more. We need to catch up, but blogging is, like, hard and stuff.
Let me get my mojo back and I'll share about the triathlon, a small design project and my upcoming fitness goal to train for the big 26.2.

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